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Fly the Plane. Work the Problem Several pilots I know express a standard command often given to less experienced pilots. "Fly the plane, work the prob...View Details

Dr. Betsy McCaughey chairs the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths - and she joined the program to share their work and ways for patients (and their ...View Details

You ever struggled to hold your tongue while answering questions at the doctor's office? Gracie's been treated by more than 100 physicians - and we've...View Details

Do the Next Right Thing

If caregivers mapped out a decision tree for our daily lives, it would look like a forest. Each day we’re faced with numerous choices – and most seem ...View Details

Translating the Gospel

I met Jon and Cindi Hampshire more than 40 years ago at Columbia Bible College (Now Columbia International University).  The Hamp...View Details

Every caregiver - and I do mean EVERY caregiver will struggle with what I call the "3 I's."  We lose our independence, we become isolated, and we lose...View Details

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