From our live radio show on April 17, 2021. Our opening monologue tackles the obligation issue faced by caregivers, and then we step over to the "Care...View Details

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One of the driving missions of our show is to equip caregivers to better navigate the journey of a caregiver. Part of that is attitude. While so much ...View Details

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What is the Caregiver FOG?  EVERY ONE of us as caregivers will experience this, and it can lead to significant challenges.   When driving, what is the...View Details

From our radio broadcast, a special message (and bonus song) for family caregivers. 

Nothing But The Blood

Gracie recorded this beloved hymn that reminds us all of our hope of salvation.   In Romans 6:23, Paul states that "...the wages of sin is death." In...View Details

John and I were joined by Denny Brownlee (Humor Actor / Voice Actor / Writer)  Denny discussed finding his role in caring for his ...View Details

He Stretched Out His Hand

One of the vivid lessons we've experienced in the COVID-19 pandemic is the heartbreak of not being able to hug, shake hands, or physically connect wit...View Details

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