As caregivers, we regularly shake hands with the abnormal.  Yet, are we able to insert “normalcy” in that abnormal. During one holiday event, Gracie’s...View Details

Many of us have favorite and treasured hymns that encourage, comfort and inspire us.  The backstories of many of these hymns, however, remain unknown ...View Details

Imagine being setup like the prophet Daniel. The bureaucrats of his time could find no fault in him, but their hatred pushed them to fabricate a trap....View Details

Stephanie Erickson ( MSW LCSW), draws on her 25+ year career to offer easy to understand guidance to millions of family caregivers of aging loved ones...View Details

Most any caregiver will tell you that a good night’s sleep is often hard to find. One of my closest friends and fellow caregiver called the show to di...View Details

After our Saturday broadcast, I usually receive a lot of messages, and this one really tugged at my heart. John and I recently discussed this poem wri...View Details

From HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER's Radio Broadcast 11/7/2020

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