"I wish had a different testimony, but sadly I do not!"   One of the reasons I wanted Chonda to call the show, is because she brings such candor and a...View Details

With vast numbers either working from home or losing their job, many are asking the question, "Should I Change The Way I Work?" Caregivers have strugg...View Details

"Our Country Is Resilient and Resourceful."   With his customary calmness and reassuring manner, Gov. Mike Huckabee shared his thoughts on the challen...View Details

Comedy Superstar Larry The Cable Guy calls to share his humor, heart, and his thoughts on a whole bunch of things!  Gracie and I first met Larry nearl...View Details

My pastor for 20 years, Jim Bachmann, shared that phrase with me many times as Gracie and I journeyed through her severe medical challenges. It's a po...View Details

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"If she can get through it ...guess what, the nation can, as well."  Although a high-risk patient, Gracie is battling the Corona Virus ...and is getti...View Details

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As my wife battles the COVID-19 virus, we took a moment in the hospital to share a few thoughts.  To learn more about Gracie, check out www.standingwi...View Details

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