On the national broadcast recently, we discussed the hymn, ONLY TRUST HIM ...as it relates to us a caregivers. Unpacking this, I discussed my hardest ...View Details

Whether it's a nation picking up the pieces following the attacks of 9/11 or individuals and families struggling with heartbreaking challenges - It's ...View Details

Respecting the Trauma

Sometimes, we fail to consider the soberness of forgiveness. We may  feel pressure from others to forgive and forget - all too quickly. Respecting the...View Details

While in college, I worked for a music star in Nashville who had a long driveway lined with beautiful trees. A tree service was called to trim them, a...View Details

The Caregiver’s Prayer

As a caregiver, do you ever struggle with knowing how to pray? Over my 35 years as Gracie's husband and caregiver, I sure have. I wrote this prayer fo...View Details

Forgiveness benefits the offended, does not require reconciliation, and can be extended even if unsolicited. Remorseless criminals fill our prisons, y...View Details

35 Years

Gracie and I celebrated our 35th anniversary this week. It's been quite a journey!  With apologies to Spotify users (which won't show video) we though...View Details

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