Tele-medicine. Virtual monitoring. Emergency Contacts. Engagement. Safety.Caregivers need these boxes checked, and Gracie and I use a system doing all...View Details

During the pandemic, Core Civic continues to care for 13,000 workers and tens of thousands of inmates at their 69 facilities across the country. Steve...View Details

Do you feel cluttered? Not just physically, but emotionally as well?John and I discuss mise en place" which is a French culinary term meaning 'putting...View Details

We caregivers often feel that we won't be satisfied unless the resolution of conflict or circumstances is what we want and expect. But great music doe...View Details

Think of a teacher who left a huge impact on you. If they are still alive, call them. If not, maybe call their family and let them. Teachers deserve t...View Details

When faced with painful circumstances, we all struggle with reconciling a good and loving God with brutal challenges. Some, however, tend to take it f...View Details

Like Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia, addiction and alcoholism can overtake a person. How does a caregiver respond to an abusive addict or alco...View Details

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