In a recent interview with superstar comedian, Jeff Foxworthy, I asked him about writing comedy in our divided culture. Take a listen to his answer.  ...View Details

The pain, challenges, and heartache for caregivers often doesn't end at a funeral.  In this clip from our show, John and I discussed a callers recent ...View Details

Our long-time friend, Elizabeth Moss, called the show to share insights on caring for an aging loved one during the pandemic. The founder of Nashville...View Details

We all live with terrible regrets over things we've said or done ...even if at the time we felt we had the best of intentions. This caller expressed h...View Details

"Must, Should, Need, Have To ..." These are all words that reflect that a caregiver's fallen into the obligation trap. Obligation is the gateway to re...View Details

Did you know that you can recycle prosthetic limbs?  Until my wife, Gracie, lost both of her legs ... we didn't realize that the components, feet, kne...View Details

One of the more troubling issues facing us as caregivers is caring for someone who is in chronic pain. This is a continuation of our discussion about ...View Details

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