I asked John Butler to read the Christmas story from Luke 2.  Those familiar with the show and podcast will know John as the producer of the show for ...View Details

There is no record of God speaking to His people for centuries between the Old and New Testament times. In this episode, we discuss how that impacts a...View Details

John and I discussed several more Christmas Gifts that are affordable, easy, meaningful, and beneficial to family caregivers ...that caregivers can gi...View Details

I asked my guest on the show, author Rick Lauber, "What did you learn about yourself that surprised you in a positive way?"   His answer was extremely...View Details

Kathie Lee Gifford called the show to discuss her new book, "It's Never Too Late."  I felt this book would make a powerful and meaningful gift to fell...View Details

For many caregivers, the relationship between themselves and their loved ones may have faded beyond recognition due to cognitive impairment.  When you...View Details

All too many caregivers feel that talking with a wealth advisor or investment group is for rich people.  Tommy Doerfler, of Lighthouse Wealth Team cal...View Details

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