Author and Anchor of FoxNews @Night, Shannon Bream, called the show. Shannon discussed the journey she and her husband endured - that helped forge the...View Details

Christmas can be a challenging time for family caregivers. In this bonus episode from our radio program, we offer this to fellow caregivers.

Christmas Monologue from our nationally syndicated radio program. 

My long-time friend, Hank Martin, sent me a new Christmas song he recorded - and I shared it on the radio program. Many have heard Hank's voice withou...View Details

Thinking On My Foot

“Thinking On Our Feet” A stabbing pain beside my left little toe once prompted a visit to a podiatrist. "You have bunion by your left big toe." He sta...View Details

For Unto Us

One word in Handel's Oratorio, Messiah, carries a particularly poignant meaning for all of us as caregivers.  We discussed this in today's broadcast. ...View Details

My interview on Family Life Radio discussing ways to help caregivers at Christmas.  There's more at 

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