Although we knew she was a high-risk individual (She's had 80 surgeries and both legs amputated), we felt we lived in a location remote enough for her...View Details

The loss of her father, caring for her mother, cancer ...Sheri Easter has walked challenging roads. But she keeps singing. Sheri called the show to sh...View Details

After reading Joan Borton's hilarious post, I had to call her and invite her to call the show and share her story, wisdom, faith, and great sense of h...View Details

When struggling during "...seasons of distress and grief," I often go to the piano and find great comfort in hymns of the faith. One of those hymns i...View Details

A trip to the podiatrist turned into a teachable moment for me regarding stress as a caregiver. He said something so simple and obvious, but as a frie...View Details

Award winning author, Mary Elizabeth Jackson, called the show to share her personal journey, things she's learned, and the latest in her "Poohlicious"...View Details

"It's always about the money ..."  is a statement caregivers are well served to remember— particularly when caring for someone else's family member. T...View Details

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