As caregivers, we're often faced with frightening things. We also have others who criticize us or demoralize us with their words or actions. Sometimes...View Details

EVERY caregiver will at some point fall into the trap of beating themselves up without mercy.  If an impaired love one joins that chorus (not to menti...View Details

The role of caregiver is too difficult and critical to assume with poor belief systems, and masculinity myths hamstringing men in this role must be ad...View Details

The first of the Jewish High Holy Days is Rosh Hashanah.  It literally the "day of shouting or blasting." This "shouting is a call to something ...but...View Details

Let's face it, the frenetic pace of caregiving leaves little time for just being still. Even if we get the time, do we know how to be still?   In this...View Details

Tele-medicine. Virtual monitoring. Emergency Contacts. Engagement. Safety.Caregivers need these boxes checked, and Gracie and I use a system doing all...View Details

During the pandemic, Core Civic continues to care for 13,000 workers and tens of thousands of inmates at their 69 facilities across the country. Steve...View Details

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