If it's not the Coronavirus, some other flu issue lurks around the corner.  Guess who's the most vulnerable? Chances are it's your loved one ...and YO...View Details

From our radio show for family caregivers, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER 02/29/2020.  Discussing Repentance and the Family Caregiver, this show delves into t...View Details

Rev. Brian Darnell, Director of Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services at Core Civic, called the show to share his passion for faith based programs for inm...View Details

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One of my favorite authors, Louis L'Amour, wrote: "Few of us ever live in the present. We are forever anticipating what is to come or remember what ha...View Details

At a local bookstore a while back, Gracie and I, along with our friend Hank, performed Christmas Carols for friends. John and Sally Mae dropped in, an...View Details

One of my favorite and most inspiring friends is Pastor Robert Morgan. A caregiver for three decades for his wife, Katrina, through her journey of MS...View Details

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Each morning through the winter months in Montana, my morning chores included feeding horses. I take a snowmobile out while pulling a sled filled with...View Details

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