Needing a Care Manager's support to navigate the healthcare system? Worried about your loved one’s health and well-being?Concerned about managing the ...View Details

In the FOG of caregivers, (fear, obligation, and guilt), many find themselves frozen in fear - and let's face it, there remain plenty of fear-worthy t...View Details

Caregivers need legal protection and counsel, but the cost can be astronomical – for even small legal matters.  Or is it?   You are one click away fro...View Details

The Real Public Servants

On my recent broadcast, I discussed the term, "public servants" and the specific caregivers who really define that term. Details

Award-winning songwriter and two-time Grammy Nominee Archie Jordan called the show to discuss caregiving, music, his long friendship with BJ Thomas, a...View Details

The Problem of Pain

Chronic Pain.  The struggle to care for someone with chronic pain causes extensive challenges for family caregivers.  Dr. Roland Flores called the sho...View Details

The Obligation Trap

I must. I'm supposed to. I have to. I should.  When repeatedly hearing these words come out of your mouth, you might be caught in the obligation trap....View Details

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