A lot of candidates running for President advocate "Medicare for All" as part of their platform. While Medicare itself is a decent program, I spend a little time discussing the realities of dealing with Medicare ...from a customer service standpoint. 

Gracie and I both had to call Medicare for a significant issue. Getting bounced around from department to department, we logged over four hours on the phone one day, and another 90 minutes the next.  

It's still not resolved as of this posting (with another 4 hours logged). 

Imagine your best day at the DMV.  That's what happens when government is the only game in town. You simply have no competition ...no incentive...to provide better service. 

At some point in the customer service path, someone has to say, "We can build a better mousetrap!" 

When listening to the candidates speaking, it sounds like overhearing a meeting in the teacher's lounge, "Here's what I think we ought to do ..." 

It would be helpful for these candidates to share their own personal (and credible) experience in dealing with the healthcare system. Experience is always better than opinion. 

Also on this episode, we played a new song from Gracie's upcoming CD titled Resilient.  I also shared a few "Gracie-isms" and how Gracie nearly broke Amazon's Alexa ...at the source!!

In addition we shared our "Caregiver Tip of the Day," and of course, we also had my sidekick, The Count of Mighty Disco - John Butler!!!

A jammed pack show, demonstrating why Hope for the Caregiver is the #1 broadcast show for family caregivers!