Saturday Night Live Alum, Jim Breuer, called the show for a special Father's Day episode. In all our years on the air, Jim's interview soared up to one of my all time favorites.

 "If you don't have people who can laugh with you're doomed."

- Jim Breuer

From Home Improvement to Saturday Night Live, Jim Breuer brings a comedy legacy to audiences across the country. Calling the show, Jim also shared his huge heart and great love of family as shared his own journey as a caregiver.  Recalling introducing his father to Sylvester Stallone, Jim launched into an impression of the Rocky star that had us howling with laughter. Jim's rapid fire delivery showed no mercy to John and me as we vainly tried to catch our breath. But then just as quick, Jim opened his heart to share deeply personal and poignant events with his father.

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