As 2020 starts, this hymn seemed appropriate to share.  I recorded it on my CD, Songs for the Caregiver, but this is a special LIVE duet of my arrangement that I performed at church while the congregation was served communion.  I accompanied my friend, Daniel Fisher, on the violin.  His playing is extraordinary.

This hymn remains special to uncounted millions. The lyrics speak directly to our hearts to help us face adversity, challenges, sorrow, and loss ...with calmness, peace, and even joy. 

On that same note, I recently read this prayer below. Given that caregivers know up front that their year will be filled with challenges, this prayer connected with me ...and I felt it would with fellow caregivers. 

May God make your year a happy one!
Not by shielding us from all sorrows and pain,
But by strengthening us to bear it, as it comes;
Not by making our path easy,
But by making us sturdy to travel any path;
Not by taking hardships from us,
But by taking fear from our heart;
Not by granting us unbroken sunshine,
But by keeping our face bright, even in the shadows;
Not by making our life always pleasant,
But by showing us when people and their causes need us most,
and by making us anxious to be there to help.
God's love, peace, hope and joy to us for the year ahead.

Enjoy this bonus content from HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER's podcast ...and I wish you a HEALTHY New Year ...because "Healthy Caregiver Make Better Caregivers!" 

Peter Rosenberger