With Peter Rosenberger

April 9, 2019

“I didn’t expect it …did not see it coming!”

Tammy in Texas shared her frustration and discomfort with a caregiving situation involving her mother-in-law. Despite the family wanting to help, her sister-in-law kept tight control of the caregiving tasks, but would then find time to complain about it. The family struggled with how to get along in this situation.

To Tammy's surprise, I offered a suggestion that caught her off guard ...and renewed her passion to try this new path. 

While initially frustrated at the top of the conversation, Tammy, within minutes felt excited, hopeful, and was even laughing while exclaiming about my suggestion,"I didn't expect it ...did not see it coming!"

Hope for the Caregiver is the conviction that we as caregivers (even if we're a step removed) can live a calmer, healthier ...and even more joyful life as caregivers!




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