Yes ...I know it feels like the snowplow driver is listening to Lawrence Welk while we listen to Led Zepplin, but in winter weather, the safest place is often the place where you feel it's going maddeningly slow. 

That also applies to our journey as caregivers. 

We find that we must move at a pace we can't control...and, just like trying to pass a snowplow, we run the risk of getting hurt if we try to circumvent. 

A friend once told me, "Families move at the speed of their slowest members."   When serving as a caregiver the "pace car" dictates how fast we're going to go. We're going to get there ...when we get there. Beating on our steering wheel, swearing, and/or spazzing out isn't going to make it better or faster, but it will cause unnecessary tension ...that robs us of living a calmer, healthier, and even safer life.

  • Sometimes, the snowplow is a chronic illness that progresses.
  • Sometimes, it's a special needs child that moves at his/her pace.
  • Sometimes it's someone with a addiction that struggles in their recovery program.
  • Sometimes it's grief that takes whatever time it needs to process it out.

In my 30+ years, I've discovered the pace set for me is simply living in the moment day at a time. 

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. Matthew 6:34



Listen to the callers share their stories, as well. Also, of course, joining the show is himself sidekick, John Butler (The Count of Mighty Disco)

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