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We are thrilled to welcome HOME RULE as a sponsor on our North Carolina affiliates. "Care-taking is a full-time job. We believe th...View Details

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There's nothing quite like having a faucet on a bathtub break 10:45 PM and watching hot water pouring uncontrollably. Such was the case at my ho...View Details

Morning Pointe Senior Living and Memory Care Centers have a wonderful program that allows Caregivers to take a much needed break without a long term c...View Details

How important is prescription drug safety and protocols for your loved one living in a senior living center?   The folks at Morning Pointe understan...View Details

Assurance …Not Answers

When The Answers We Demand Don't Appear When struggling with loneliness and isolation, dark thoughts often grip us as caregivers.  We fearfully cry o...View Details

In January 2017. I joined Medi-Share.    In this clip, I detailed how I eliminated several other subscribed services that Medi-Share offers and sav...View Details

AARP NC Volunteer, Helen Mack, brings her considerable experiences as an educator to discuss frauds and scams targeting seniors and how AARP is helpin...View Details