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With Peter Rosenberger


We are thrilled to welcome HOME RULE as a sponsor on our North Carolina affiliates.  www.homerule.net

"Care-taking is a full-time job. We believe that families should be able to access the benefits they are receiving. When you are understaffed, you lose that time: sleeping time, working time, family time, restoration time- YOUR time."

Home Rule offers Skilled Nursing Services as well as Companion/Sitter Services in North Carolina in the following countries: Catawba, Lincoln, Gaston, Burke, Iredell, McDowell, Caldwell, Alexander, Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Stanly, Rowan, Davie, Forsyth, Buncombe, Watauga, Wilkes, Yadkin, Avery, and Cleveland Counties. 

A primary difference is that Home Rule families have the ability to reach out to nurses within our organization directly and create and manage their own schedules, with assistance from our caring and friendly staff whenever desired or necessary. Home Rule gives you ALL the tools you need to manage your loved ones’ care schedule, to choose your own nurses from within our staff who best meet your needs. Home Rule helps assist and facilitate twenty-four hours a day.


25 1st Street NE, Suite 103

Hickory, NC 28601

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There's nothing quite like having a faucet on a bathtub break ...at 10:45 PM and watching hot water pouring uncontrollably.

Such was the case at my house the other night. Yet, it turned out to be a memorable experience in another way ...when the plumber who arrived model and amazing attitude and care. 

That's why I'm a member of the Happy Hiller Club! 

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Morning Pointe Senior Living and Memory Care Centers have a wonderful program that allows Caregivers to take a much needed break without a long term commitment.  Maybe it's to go out of town for a special event like a wedding or graduation, but your loved one needs a safe place to stay. 

  • Meds?  No Problem!
  • Special physical needs?  No Problem!
  • Dietary needs?  Not even close to being a problem

Lori Domer, Community Relations Director for Morning Pointe Senior Living and Memory Care Communities, called the show to discuss this great service.  Visit MorningPointe.com to set up an appointment with a nurse for FREE consult that takes minutes but save you more than you can imagine. 

Then, for those events requiring you to be in two places at the same time ...you have a trusted friend in Morning Pointe. 

If you just a need a break for a couple of days each month, or even a week, your loved one is safe and well cared for at Morning Pointe.

Call LORI DOMER 615 482 8643 today!




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How important is prescription drug safety and protocols for your loved one living in a senior living center?  

The folks at Morning Pointe understand the challenges of this issue, and joined the show to discuss the ways they implement multiple levels of checks and balances.  Debbie Fields (RN) called the show ...and ...we even let her have the coveted opportunity to introduce the "Caregiver Tip of the Day!" 

At least John and I think it's coveted. 


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December 29, 2017

Assurance …Not Answers

When The Answers We Demand Don't Appear

When struggling with loneliness and isolation, dark thoughts often grip us as caregivers.  We fearfully cry out for someone to tell us what to do, where to go, or how to cope. Simply put—we demand answers.  Furthermore, we want an explanation of why these difficult events are happening to us in light of a good an loving God. 

Some Answers Won't Make Sense Right Now

When just a toddler, our oldest son fell and lacerated his chin, and I had to hold him down while he received stitches. I’ll never forget the look of terror in his eyes and his screams. as he endured what, for him, was horrifying.  He had no way to understand what was happening or how to cope.  As he struggled, I avoided trying to explain things like stitches, infections, and antibiotics to a crying three-year-old, and instead gently assured him of my presence and that he would be okay.  Soon, the doctor finished, and I held our son and dried his tears.    

How are we any different when traveling in the often-long valley of the shadow of death?  While our Heavenly Father seems to rarely give us the answers we demand, He does give us the assurance we need.  The assurance of His presence and His love for us.

From YOUR CAREGIVER MINUTE With Peter Rosenberger

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November 7, 2017

Medi-Share saved me money!

In January 2017. I joined Medi-Share.    In this clip, I detailed how I eliminated several other subscribed services that Medi-Share offers and saved a surprising amount...just by getting rid of redundant services!  It's portable, sensible, and economical.

It's a Health Care Plan that has been thousands of years in the making!!! 


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AARP NC Volunteer, Helen Mack, brings her considerable experiences as an educator to discuss frauds and scams targeting seniors and how AARP is helping.

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