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During one of our many visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to meet with wounded warriors, we met a bitter young soldier struggling with wounds h...View Details

Yes ...I know it feels like the snowplow driver is listening to Lawrence Welk while we listen to Led Zepplin, but in winter weather, the safest place ...View Details

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Fear Obligation Guilt This is the "Caregiver FOG" that causes so many caregivers to get hurt. We spend a lot of time on this during the radio show, in...View Details

Marlene in Indiana struggles as a caregiver for her husband who has lung cancer. Although she cares for her husband, she also helps take care of other...View Details

 Excerpt from HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER on American Family Radio: 8/24/2019 It’s starting to dawn on a lot of us …some of who are newer to this, not...View Details

"I'm going to swerve into something today that I've been stewing on for a while ..." That's how we started the July 20, 2019 show, and we tackled fam...View Details

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Hope for the Caregiver from May 18 2019. All too often, I've grasped at things to fret over and try to manage that are simply not mine. I delude mysel...View Details