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"I'm going to swerve into something today that I've been stewing on for a while ..."

That's how we started the July 20, 2019 show, and we tackled families struggling with addiction (alcoholism).
I said to a young man recently, "Honour thy father and thy mother.." (Exodus 12:20) DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO HONOR THE IMPAIRMENT!

When dealing with an addiction issue, family members all too often (and sadly) place themselves in bondage trying to enable.

The disease of addiction is a family disease, and will take everyone with it ...if allowed. Alzheimer's has no mercy ...and will crush everyone around an impaired loved one  ...if allowed.  Caregivers will sadly take so much abuse into their heart as they listen to a disease speak with the voice of a someone they love. 

But it's  the disease, not your mother, father, spouse, etc.!

Yet, so many struggle, often painfully, with tremendous sense of guilt while mistakenly honoring a disease or impairment instead of the parent or loved one.

We spend a good bit of time on this issue in today's show. Share this show with someone you know who is struggling with this. 

if you're in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction/alcoholism, here is a helpful resource. 



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Hope for the Caregiver from May 18 2019. All too often, I've grasped at things to fret over and try to manage that are simply not mine. I delude myself into thinking that I have to do things that belong to my wife, her doctors, or even God.

The line gets a bit gray for me at times ( how gray? Charcoal!) and that's why I need others to help be better see the path.

Caregivers get easily lost in the journey. Callers to this episode virtually all struggled with being disoriented. From enabling and codependency to grief, we tackle a wide range of challenges.

That's why we do this show. We pull together and point each other to safety.


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David from Ohio called the show with deep emotion as he struggled caring for his son who is on the autism spectrum.  At thirteen, David's son is a handful ...and David broke down trying to wrap his mind around getting his son through to adulthood. 

We discussed this and took the conversation into a path he didn't expect: the relationship between David and his wife ...as well as an important self-defense lesson I learned from my martial arts instructor.

As caregivers, we often live in the wreckage of our future ...and fear the worst. Yet, we're not there in the future, so we don't have to be held hostage by something that hasn't happened. in our conversation, David discovered the opportunities available to him in the "here and now" that will greatly assist him in caring for his son through difficult times that lie ahead. 


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How would you feel if your adult child (30+) lived at home with debilitating migraines?

Caller from Mississippi shared her frustration at her daughter's challenges ...and behaviors. From what she describes in this call, the problem has expanded to addiction and other behavior issues. 

Caregivers can easily fall into the trap of enablers. Lost in what I call the FOG of caregivers (Fear Obligation Guilt), we can easily veer off the road into dangerous situations. 

There is a path to safety ...but we're not going to find it alone. 

That's why we have a show for family caregivers! 


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Callers to the show shared their heartache, fear, and despair in trying to serve as caregivers ...while simultaneously dealing with the trauma and ravages of a family member with addiction.

Sometimes, law enforcement is required for the safety of the caregiver ...and these women are in danger. 

Sarah also called in ...and wait until you hear her story of how she made brutal choices, but kept herself safe. 

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October 31, 2018

Caregivers and Resentment

On this show, we delved into the sticky area that plagues so many caregivers:  Resentment

7 Caregiver Landmines and How You Can Avoid Them



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Kim from Michigan called the show to express her frustration with her mother, the lack of help from her siblings, and her struggle with alcoholism. 


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