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Think back through difficult times in your life ...when hot tears filled your eyes. Maybe when your body was wracked with pain or your heart was broke...View Details

"I didn't even know what Cerebral Palsy was until we received the diagnosis for our daughter." - Dr. Richard Rosenberger For this special edition of H...View Details

Gratitude for Fleas?!

My favorite reminder of gratitude is this story of a remarkable woman who learned to thank God in all things ...including FLEAS while in a concentrati...View Details

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The defining hymn of my father's entire career as a minister continues to be "A Balm in Gilead"

There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole....View Details

Near to the Heart of God

Cleland Boyd McAffee, a Presbyterian minister, provided the church with one of the most treasured and enduring hymns. Like many great hymns, however, ...View Details

You guys have a laid out a path for everybody else to follow. You have a laid out an example.  And now God is using that to instruct His kids all ove...View Details

During one of our many visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to meet with wounded warriors, we met a bitter young soldier struggling with wounds h...View Details