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Moses, yes ...THAT Moses ...had a smart father-in-law (Jethro) who pulled the prophet aside and gave him sound wisdom that can apply to family caregiv...View Details

This show starting by sharing some hilarious moments of my parents who listen to the show on Alexa (Dad calls it "A LEXUS,").  We pivoted the show to...View Details

Play the Melody

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A few years back, my pastor asked me to play the piano prior to church starting provide a more reverent atmosphere.  As I played the song, I no...View Details

"I'm going to swerve into something today that I've been stewing on for a while ..." That's how we started the July 20, 2019 show, and we tackled fam...View Details

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Hope for the Caregiver from May 18 2019. All too often, I've grasped at things to fret over and try to manage that are simply not mine. I delude mysel...View Details

“I’m tired, depressed, and angry.” That’s how the conversation started with a caller in Oklahoma who called our show, Hope for the Caregiver D...View Details

How would you feel if your adult child (30+) lived at home with debilitating migraines? Caller from Mississippi shared her frustration at her daughter...View Details