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With Peter Rosenberger

September 4, 2019

Play the Melody

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A few years back, my pastor asked me to play the piano prior to church starting ...to provide a more reverent atmosphere. 

As I played the song, I noticed something odd happening ...I played the harmonies and not the melody. In my head, I listened to Gracie singing. An amazing singer, I've accompanied Gracie for decades, so I played around her voice. 

While playing a solo, however, I had to retrain myself to play the melody.

That's what happens to us as caregivers ...we lose the melody. Caregivers often fail to speak in first person singular, and instead use, "We, our, he, she, they, us ..."

My show, books, and speaking events are designed to help my fellow caregivers regain their own voices and speak from their hearts. This includes our faith and relationship with God.  We're so busy carrying someone else to Jesus, that we overlook our own great need. 

That's why I put this song on my CD, Songs for the Caregiver. 

Jesus loves ME, 

This I know

For the Bible tells ME so. 

This is also why I ask every caller to my show, "How are YOU feeling?"  I don't move off this question until the caller answers it candidly.  There's no wrong answer, I just want to help my fellow caregivers answer frankly about their own hearts. "I hurt, I'm tired, I'm angry, I'm lost ..." whatever follows the "I..." - now we can have a conversation. 

How are you feeling? 


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