Each month on Hope for the Caregiver, author and dementia care expert, Tracey Maxfield, offers insights into the challenges of caring for a loved one with dementia.  From eating issues to going into public, Tracey brings a wealth of exprience and practical help to weary and frustrated caregivers. 

In this interview, Tracey offers tips to help calm an agistated loved one with dementia. 

"Agitation is an expression of an unmet need." -Tracey Maxfield

  1. Stay calm. An agitated loved one with dementia will react to the energy of the caregiver
  2. Offer Reassurance
  3. Play detective
    1. Scan the environment for distressing events or things

      1. Noises
      2. Animals
      3. Other environmental distress inducers
  1. Scan your loved one for distressing events or things

    1. Shoes too tight or on the wrong feet
    2. Injured/Bee Sting, etc.
    3. Need to use the restroom
    4. Hungry



Peter Rosenberger is a thirty-year caregiver for his wife, Gracie, who lives with severe physical disabilities. He is the author of Hope for the Caregiver and his radio show for family caregivers is syndicated on more than 200 stations across the country.   @hope4caregiver

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