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US Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee called the show to discuss broadband in rural areas of Tennessee and the country. Access to broadband creates...View Details

"We are going to put this emphasis on getting broadband into these unserved rural areas because you’re not going to have economic development or 21s...View Details

Caregivers By WholeCare

For more than twenty years, Elizabeth Moss, CEO of Caregivers By WholeCare, has provided exceptional care to families in Middle Tennessee.  With her ...View Details

Music and Memory

Memory the Diary We All Carry With Us. —Oscar Wilde When's the last time you listened to a song, and it instantly took you back in time? Hymns...View Details

Reliable Mobile Labs

Listen to the clip by clicking above.   One of the best resources for ME a caregiver, has been Reliable Mobile Labs.  Like clockwork, Reliable...View Details

2/19/2017 Show on 1510 WLAC   "They [The baby-boomers] are the biggest economic force in the world. They are also the biggest social force. They've ...View Details