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US Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee called the show to discuss broadband in rural areas of Tennessee and the country. Access to broadband creates more opportunities for tele-health, education, and many other applications affecting the family caregiver. 

Peter_Blackburn_SOTU_Web.jpgFor example, in the picture above, Senator Blackburn and I were giving an interview at the US Capitol in DC.  Just prior to that interview, I used my phone to allow a phlebotomist into my home in Nashville, where she drew blood from Gracie for regular lab work. 

I then secured the door behind her as she left.  Gracie didn't have to put her prosthetic legs on, or answer the door in her wheelchair. Because of broadband, I could do all those things from my phone. 

As caregivers, we need to incorporate as many tools as possible to help us better do our jobs without stretching ourselves so thin.  Remember, one of the three "I's" every caregiver struggles with is the loss of independence. Technology and apps on our phone helps us regain that, better care for our loved ones, and even pursue new job opportunities.  Check out my article about that in Newsmax.

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"We are going to put this emphasis on getting broadband into these unserved rural areas because you’re not going to have economic development or 21st century health care or expanded education opportunities or workforce and jobs retraining without it,” said Blackburn, chairwoman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.  USA TODAY  1/11/2018

Marsha Blackburn (R) TN called the show to discuss the impact and potential of high-speed internet in rural area on family caregivers. 


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August 15, 2017

Caregivers By WholeCare

For more than twenty years, Elizabeth Moss, CEO of Caregivers By WholeCare, has provided exceptional care to families in Middle Tennessee.  With her background as a nurse, Elizabeth understands first hand from a professional viewpoint the need.  From her own journey, she understands the personal need for quality caregivers to help families in need. A champion for families facing difficulties in caring for aging parents or loved ones with special needs, Elizabeth and Caregivers By WholeCare bring a comprehensive list of services to meet the needs of any caregiving situation.  From skilled care to companion care, they serve a lengthy list of families in the Middle Tennessee area —including mine. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 11, 2017

Music and Memory

Memory ...is the Diary We All Carry With Us. —Oscar Wilde

When's the last time you listened to a song, and it instantly took you back in time? Hymns, concerts, favorite TV theme songs can all instantly engage our hearts and transport us. Thanks to Music & Memory, the power of music to inspire, move, and connect with listeners has taken a new step.

"I want a new drug!' Huey Lewis and the News

Using customized playlists, music engages those struggling with dementia, memory loss, and other cognitive impairments. Music & Memory offers a tool that has reduced pharmaceuticals, no risk of "over-dosing," and available without a prescription! The therapeutic benefits of music provides a critical help for not only patients, but can provide a welcomed respite for exasperated caregiver. Music and Memory

"It's very individualized and person-centered," shares Deborah Ferris, Regional Director, Southeastern US. Appearing on my show recently, Deb explained that, "...each individual has a music fingerprint; no two are alike." In addition, she added why Music & Memory is so effective. "It's because it's about not only identifying which song, but also which artists. It has to be artist specific—just the way we all like to hear our music."

Deborah Ferris' passion for program is personal. Her own mother’s reaction to personalized music over the course of her sixteen-year Alzheimer’s journey, fuels Deborah's drive. Deborah knows first-hand what it’s like to run out of ideas and hope for any way to truly enhance someone’s quality of life. Family and caregivers are so often in need of respite and a way to create new and joyful memories. A collection of music that holds personal meaning for an individual can open up a world of benefits that are beyond imagination for everyone.

Bringing a powerful testimonial, Music & Memory client, Steve McGee shared the impact on his father. Growing emotional, Steve relayed personally watching his father regain memory through using this innovative tool.

After being as skeptical as I was, it's just amazing how music can benefit the families and loved ones with Alzheimer's and dementia. Steve McGee, client

Sundowning, preparing for meals, getting calmed in order to go to bed, represent just a few of the scenarios this program helps. As a pianist for nearly fifty years, I understand the power music to heal, inspire, and uplift. In addition to all that, the power of music now has a strategic use for those who may often seem unreachable. For more information, visit MusicandMemory.org


Peter Rosenberger, a thirty-year caregiver, is the author of Hope for the Caregiver.  In addition, Peter hosts a weekly radio show for caregivers on 1510 WLAC, Broadcast Sunday's at 3 PM CST.  Furthermore, the program is streamed through IHEART, and the Podcast can be accessed here.e president of Standing With Hope.  

The non-profit ministry has two program areas:  a prosthetic limb outreach to amputees in West Africa, and an outreach to family caregivers.

In addition to his books, Peter also recently release his new CD, SONGS FOR THE CAREGIVER.  

Click for Books and Music from Peter Rosenberger


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March 13, 2017

Reliable Mobile Labs

Listen to the clip by clicking above.


One of the best resources for ME ...as a caregiver, has been Reliable Mobile Labs.  Like clockwork, Reliable Mobile Labs send a technician to our home to draw blood from Gracie.  She has to have regular lab work, and I used to have to help her get her prosthetic legs on, drive her to the lab ...wait there ...and then fight Nashville traffic to get her home.  She was exhausted ...just from all of that. 

Now, Reliable Mobile Labs personnel come out early in the morning (so that the results can be coordindated with her doctor on the same day).

Often times, Gracie doesn't even wake up ...and they are done within ten minutes. 

If your loved one requires regular lab work, ask your doctor if this option is available to you.  It's not just for the patient ...it HELPS THE CAREGIVER!




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2/19/2017 Show on 1510 WLAC


"They [The baby-boomers] are the biggest economic force in the world. They are also the biggest social force. They've changed American society since they were born. They continue to change society every step of the way. The previous generation—and they went to the home. This generation is going to change all of that." Zach Watson, CEO Honeyco Homes.

Get the peace of mind that comes with a home that checks in for you. A HoneyCo-equipped home will contact you in case of concern. HoneyCo’s Internet of caring things™ passively collects and analyzes in-home activity. If something concerning comes up, you’ll receive a text message with details.

HoneyCo technology transforms any house into an automated caregiver. HoneyCo Homes notify family members of concerning home activity, decreasing response times and improving outcomes. This non-invasive technology is a great standalone solution or supplement to in-home care.

(615) 266-5243
331 54th Ave N.
Nashville, TN 37209


More on author, speaker, and 30-year caregiver Peter Rosenberger ...and his radio show for the family caregiver.


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