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"It's a very short step from 'I don't want to live like that' to 'No one should live like that.' We need more protection for people." - Nancy Valko (w...View Details

As anyone who’s moved knows, things can get lost or misplaced in the process. In our recent move to Southwest Montana, my scattered mind led me to d...View Details

Morning Pointe Senior Living and Memory Care Centers have a wonderful program that allows Caregivers to take a much needed break without a long term c...View Details

Joni Eareckson Tada called the show to discuss Senate Bill 693 and its implications on the disabled and elderly.  Gracie joined Joni for this intervi...View Details

Henry and Sweet Tea

As caregivers, we often miss the simple things we can do that will improve our lives. While our circumstances may seem overwhelming, the way we push b...View Details

Kim from Michigan called the show to express her frustration with her mother, the lack of help from her siblings, and her struggle with alcoholism.  ...View Details

From 9-29-2018.  We opened the discussion to talk about feeling obligated and guilty when dealing with someone with an impairment.  When I stated, "...View Details