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Yes ...I know it feels like the snowplow driver is listening to Lawrence Welk while we listen to Led Zepplin, but in winter weather, the safest place ...View Details

HFTC October 12 2019 Welcome to HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER on American Family Radio. This is Peter Rosenberger. We are LIVE and are thrilled to have you ...View Details

Statistically speaking, someone orbiting an impaired or hate-filled individual attends a church, temple, or mosque. Rather than waiting and debating o...View Details

As caregivers, we know the journey is tough. We're used to that. But it doesn't have to be crazy!  Yet the isolation of caregivers can take us down d...View Details

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Audio excerpt of Peter Rosenberger's book, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER.  This chapter is titled THE DELTA DOCTRINE. This simple directive heard on a fligh...View Details

Secure the Firearms

Who secures the firearms of the vast number of American gun owners living with Alzheimer's, dementia, mental illness, or substance impairments? All to...View Details