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Yes ...I know it feels like the snowplow driver is listening to Lawrence Welk while we listen to Led Zepplin, but in winter weather, the safest place ...View Details

Moses, yes ...THAT Moses ...had a smart father-in-law (Jethro) who pulled the prophet aside and gave him sound wisdom that can apply to family caregiv...View Details

"It's a very short step from 'I don't want to live like that' to 'No one should live like that.' We need more protection for people." - Nancy Valko (w...View Details

This show starting by sharing some hilarious moments of my parents who listen to the show on Alexa (Dad calls it "A LEXUS,").  We pivoted the show to...View Details

Marlene in Indiana struggles as a caregiver for her husband who has lung cancer. Although she cares for her husband, she also helps take care of other...View Details

Portion of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER Monologue 8/10   "...The whole point of this is to speak clarity to a caregiver so that we're not floundering aroun...View Details

This episode of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER was filled with phone calls of caregiving mothers....starting with a mom of an adult child with chronic migrai...View Details